Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One sale this month = $1.50 for the homeless and Angel

Last month I pledged that I would donate one half of my profits for the rest of 2012 for my book Anabar's Run to the Relief Bus, an organization that operates several buses that provide food, clothing, prayers, and other support to homeless people in the New York metropolitan area.
I had one sale since then, and I really do appreciate it. I appreciate it for Angel, a man I met in new York in March. Angel is about 26 years old, and he is homeless. Several years ago, he suffered a savage beating from his brother, which left Angel with brain damage. He has trouble speaking and often repeats himself four or five times when he tries to say something. I remember talking with him when he was shivering on that wet, cold day in the Bronx, and I was struck by how happy he seemed. He was genuinely happy to be talking to other people and was thrilled when the folks on the Relief Bus gave him some soup and bread.
You might be thinking that $1.50 is not much, but I guarantee you that Angel would appreciate it.
Please consider reading Anabar's Run and help me provide a bit more food and clothing to great people like Angel.

Here is a link to a video interview with Angel: You tube interview with Angel