Thursday, March 8, 2012

Help me to help The Relief Bus provide for the homeless

Two weeks ago, I was lucky to travel with a group of students on a mission trip to New York City. During the week, we worked for three days with The Relief Bus, an organization that operates two buses providing food, clothing, and other assistance to the homeless. It was really great to see our students interacting with the guests who needed so much help.

Here is a video with some information about The Relief Bus:

Please check out the Relief Bus WebsiteThey have a great staff, and they, along with their volunteers, make a positive difference in people's lives every day.

Help me to help The Relief Bus. For the rest of 2012, I will donate one half of all my sales for my book Anabar's Run to The Relief Bus. Please check out their website and consider helping this wonderful organization. I'll post weekly updates on sales and what I donate to The Relief Bus.




  1. Great cause, Will!

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    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the tag! I appreciate the chance to answer the questions.