Saturday, July 21, 2012

Featured iAi Partner this Month: Elise Stokes, author of Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

Available at
Read Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula and book #2 of the series, cassidy Jones and the Vulcan's Gift. Available by Elise Stokes at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.

Introducing Independent Writers International

I have had the great privilege to join Independent Writers International, an exciting new force in publish. Please see our website to learn about our outstanding authors and  to learn about our effort to change the publishing industry.

Here is the text from our press release:

Authors’ cooperative venture changes the publishing world — again
iAi to be a symbol of quality and professionalism in publishing

A group of writers, marketers and designers unaffiliated with publishers have banded together to create their own publishing model, “Independent Authors International (iAi).”

The new organization, whose members hail from across the U.S. and around the world, aims to support and legitimize the independent author movement, and bring new voices to readers throughout the world.

“Recently developed technologies like e-readers and print-on-demand make it now possible for individual writers to publish books without the resources of a large commercial publishing enterprise,” says iAi spokesperson, Scott Bury.

“The iAi co-operative will help professional authors by bringing together the skills and services that a commercial publisher offers, while leaving the authors in control of their work, at a fraction of the cost, and with a much more responsive and personal touch.”

The iAi's goal is to help its members produce quality, professional works recognized by literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and readers. The group is a democratic, cooperative organization controlled by its members.

Membership is granted by invitation of existing members. The group vets prospective members to ensure they meet the professional writing, editing, and marketing standards of the iAi.

To receive the services of the organization, members must contribute their editing, production, or marketing skills to other members.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anabar's Run now 99 cents!

I have decided to lower the price for my middle grade novel(ebook version) Anabar's Run to 99 cents. I'm following the lead of wildly successful author Joe Konrath, who recently dropped the price of his books to 99 cents to stimulate more sales.
I am also continuing with my promise to donate one half of my 2012 sales to The Relief Bus, an organization that provides food and clothing to the homeless in New York City. Please continue to help me in this effort and spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other online sources.
Anabar's run is an action/adventure story suited for children ages 8 - 12. It has excitement and a likable main character, Anabar, who has no magical powers, wealth, or royal blood. I want my young readers to see that anyone can be successful. In the end, my Anabar series contains a strong message of peace, which I think is important for young people to hear. You can learn more about Anabar and my second novel, Anabar Rises, at my Anabar Series Blog, an exciting, fun site for my readers.
Finally, I want to remind my readers that they can now buy Anabar's Run in paperback. This is major new development in my writing career

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Hand-Drawn Maps and Photos on My Anabar Series Blog

I have just added two hand-drawn maps and some photographs on my Anabar Series Blog. If you have never seen it, please take a look. Better yet, have a kid look at the blog. My books Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises are best suited for kids aged 8 - 12, and I designed the blog to be a safe, fun site for them to learn more about the books. So far, the blog has maps, photos, excerpts, posters, journal entries, and poetry. It is all original and add to the experience of reading Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Anabar's Run Now in Paperback!

Anabar's Run is now available in paperback as well as an ebook. I used Amazon's Create Space program to convert my first novel Anabar's Run into a paperback. I am hoping readers will enjoy reading the book in this format.
Please also check out my fun Anabar Series Blog where I have lots of original features for my readers. I have new hand-drawn maps and photographs, journal entries, poems, and other details from the books. I am very proud of my blog, and feel that it is really unique.
Finally, please help me help the homeless by purchasing Anabar's Run as either a paperback or ebook. I'm donating one half of my profits from 2012 to support the Relief Bus, a wonderful organization that helps people in the New York City area. Please check out this post where I have a link to an interview with Angel, a very special friend I met in the Bronx in March.