Monday, July 2, 2012

Anabar's Run Now in Paperback!

Anabar's Run is now available in paperback as well as an ebook. I used Amazon's Create Space program to convert my first novel Anabar's Run into a paperback. I am hoping readers will enjoy reading the book in this format.
Please also check out my fun Anabar Series Blog where I have lots of original features for my readers. I have new hand-drawn maps and photographs, journal entries, poems, and other details from the books. I am very proud of my blog, and feel that it is really unique.
Finally, please help me help the homeless by purchasing Anabar's Run as either a paperback or ebook. I'm donating one half of my profits from 2012 to support the Relief Bus, a wonderful organization that helps people in the New York City area. Please check out this post where I have a link to an interview with Angel, a very special friend I met in the Bronx in March.

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