Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anabar's Run now 99 cents!

I have decided to lower the price for my middle grade novel(ebook version) Anabar's Run to 99 cents. I'm following the lead of wildly successful author Joe Konrath, who recently dropped the price of his books to 99 cents to stimulate more sales.
I am also continuing with my promise to donate one half of my 2012 sales to The Relief Bus, an organization that provides food and clothing to the homeless in New York City. Please continue to help me in this effort and spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other online sources.
Anabar's run is an action/adventure story suited for children ages 8 - 12. It has excitement and a likable main character, Anabar, who has no magical powers, wealth, or royal blood. I want my young readers to see that anyone can be successful. In the end, my Anabar series contains a strong message of peace, which I think is important for young people to hear. You can learn more about Anabar and my second novel, Anabar Rises, at my Anabar Series Blog, an exciting, fun site for my readers.
Finally, I want to remind my readers that they can now buy Anabar's Run in paperback. This is major new development in my writing career

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