Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Indie books make us readers again?

It is exciting to be getting involved in Indie publishing of ebooks. I think the best part is that we can do something every day to give ourselves a chance to become successful. We can revise and edit our books, work on our blogs and websites, promote our books on Facebook and Twitter, and best of all, we can write more stories.

With the traditional method of trying to attract an agent, and then hoping to find a willing publisher, there is too much waiting. You send a query letter and wait; you have no control over anything.

Who knows what this will all lead to? I think I can say for sure that more people will be writing and publishing books in the coming years. Will we get to the point where traditional bookstores will be gone as some are predicting? This is a surprising possibility for some who say young people are not reading enough.

As an English teacher and college professor, I do see many students with poor vocabularies. They don't read enough for fun. They have too many distractions and are growing up without reading, but this may be changing. Maybe, just maybe, as more and more people get Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other similar devices, they will start reading again. I sure hope so.

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