Friday, April 29, 2011

Anabar's Run website almost ready

I've been working on the website and hope to start promoting it next week. I plan to begin with Omalof's training log,  a map, and some pictures. My plan is to create an Anabar world and throughout the summer, when I'm not teaching and have more time,  I am going to add maps of the cities Beral and Chorazatt, flags, a Scout training manual, a page devoted to to drail with video, pictures, history, statistics, and mining, and other items that are also featured in Anabar Rises, book 2 of the Anabar trilogy.

My hope is that readers will enjoy this additional material, and I would especially like to add items that they suggest.

I have included some information on Semdela and Ricamar on my Shelfari book page at this link:  Anabar's Run Shelfari Page

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